Negs/Neutrals: Search for "False positives"?

eBay has indicated that in May, 2008, sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. The merits of this will probably be debated for a very, very long time, but in the meantime, some sellers have suggested that they would leave "false positive" (FP) feedback. Specifically, they would leave positive feedback containing the word "negative" or "neg", as an indication of the type of feedback they wanted to leave.

Toolhaus will endeavor to remain neutral on the merits of that tactic, but we've added a new option to the Negs tool: A checkbox to enable searching for "false positive" feedback, and reporting the total number of those items found. The report is at the end of the Negs tool's output, with the counts of Negative, Neutral, and Withdrawn feedback items.

Note that if FP feedback items are printed, Toolhaus will not use any cached feedback data, so it will take longer to get the results. Also, FP items are counted in the total output, which could cause the results to terminate earlier than you expected if there are many of them!
» Yes, you can also click "Allow over 1000 items" - please consider carefully before doing so!

This feature is likely to evolve, based on comments from Toolhaus users. You could be one of them - send us a comment!

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Last modified Friday, 15-Feb-2008 18:34:12 EST