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Despite some problems in finances and hosting, and thanks to an amazing outpouring of support from our generous donors, we're up and running!
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Welcome to! We're proud to offer the following suite of tools related to eBay feedback:
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Negative/Neutral Feedback
Enter an eBay user ID:
Allow over 1000 items
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Firefox and Internet Explorer users can put a direct link to the negs tool in their menu!
30-Day Negs
Enter an eBay user ID:

» See Our FAQ with answers about seller suspensions and more.

The 30-Day Neg tool (formerly known as the 90-Day Neg tool) shows a seller's recent feedback, and the percentage of "bad" FB. eBay is restricting sellers — Are you at risk?
Enter an eBay user ID:
 Skip FB from Seller?
Opt. Search Item titles:
item-fb shows a user's recent feedback with the item's title, and groups feedback from Dutch Auctions into a single entry. You can even search the item titles for specific terms!
» Thanks to for inspiring and sponsoring this tool.
Enter two eBay user IDs:
-OR- Enter an item number:  
The mutual tool lets you see the feedback which two eBay users have left for each other!
» Search by item number to check the buyer and seller IDs!
Blocked-Bidder Check
Enter a list of eBay user IDs:
Blocked Bidder/Buyer list:

» Separate User IDs with a comma, semicolon, blank space, or use the Enter key.

bcheck lets you make a quick check of your Blocked Bidder list for invalid (NARU, etc) users!
» Thanks to KomaToast69 for inspiring this tool.

Friends of
Note: These are NOT paid advertisements, they're just sites and tools which I like. I don't make my "friends" give me money!

AuctionBytes I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...
AuctionBytes and Toolhaus go 'way back, back before either organization was organized. We met on an eBay Chatboard, I was an author in their early days, they helped us with web space when things were tight, and they have always encouraged Toolhaus to go forward, move ahead, try to detect it, it's not too late.

Here Comes The Stork-Your Guide to Selling Online! Here Comes The Stork says: "Whether you are new a new mom looking to stay at home, a seasoned expert on ebay, or have your own website-we promise you will learn from Here Comes the Stork."
- We recently added Here Comes the Stork to our donor page, but the fact is that they've been using Toolhaus over there for several years, and we're always happy to help out helpful sites! "Wouldn't you like to have a support network of thousands of friends to help you achieve your goals?"'s two new search tools help users mine live eBay data. The Most Bids search app identifies auction-style listings that have the most bids, and the Last-Minute Zero-Bid Deals search feature identifies listings with zero bids within the closing minutes or hours.

Netscape and Opera users can add the Negs tool as a bookmarklet: Right-click on the following link, and select "Bookmark This Link"
eBay Negs
Once this is installed, using it is simple: Highlight an eBay User ID, then select "eBay Negs" from your bookmarks. It's that easy!
(Rumored to work with IE, too: "Add to Favorites...")
  — Many thanks to Steve for this concept!

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