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Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 100%
Member since: Feb-24-96 in United States
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Negative feedback ratingNEVER RECEIVED ITEM==BUYER BEWAREBuyer:
u***b ( 3188Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999)
Feb-07-13 11:54
  • Reply by 1951long (Feb-11-13 15:52):
    Buyer got FULL REFUND of postage and item selling price.
    • Follow-up by u***b (Feb-18-13 14:10):
 1982 Baseball Cards Factory Boxed Set - Made by Topps (#251205030582)US $17.76 
Negative feedback ratingBEWARE! Deceptive advertising. Sends a $1 KMART 44 card set NOT a 1982 ToppsBuyer:
b***6 ( 452Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
Jan-27-13 06:59
  • Reply by 1951long (Feb-11-13 16:08):
    Got FULL refund of shipping and item cost!!!! Then leaves negative feedback ????
 1982 Baseball Cards Factory Boxed Set - Made by Topps (#251205030582)US $17.76 
Negative feedback ratingItem received broken, VERY poor packaging, buyer beware!!Buyer:
p***f ( 199Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
Jan-13-13 17:50
  • Reply by 1951long (Jan-13-13 18:22):
    Asked 4 refund of purchase price and shipping. I agreed but she refused to take.
 Carlton Cards REX RILEY, golfer extraordinaire, has hit the links! HEADS UP! (#251206325820)US $3.99 
Negative feedback ratingvery disappointing subset from k-mart---NOT THE 1982 NEAR COMPLETE TOPPS SETINDIBuyer:
k***o ( 355Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
Jan-02-13 16:07
  • Reply by 1951long (Feb-11-13 16:10):
    Had chance to return for full item cost refund but chose not to take offer ?????
 Almost Complete1982 Baseball Cards Factory Boxed Set - Made by Topps (#251204118905)US $14.50 
Neutral feedback rating(1/19) jaymar 5 Maps: not real maps but rather covers. Not as represented. :(Buyer:
e***n ( 1463Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999)
Apr-13-03 04:21
  • Reply by 1951long (Apr-16-03 07:15):
    Maps were pictured and EXACTLY as represented.
 -- (#3108370219)-- 
Neutral feedback rating(1/19) Game of Presidents: in near destroyed condition. Wires missing & broken!Buyer:
e***n ( 1463Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999)
Apr-13-03 04:21
  • Reply by 1951long (Apr-16-03 07:17):
    Item was sold "As is, where is" - no condition was promised. Game was repairable
 -- (#3108368025)-- 
Neutral feedback ratingwhen said complete? wasn't kidding major parts not there model uselessBuyer:
r***a ( 44Yellow star icon for feedback score in between 10 to 49)
Feb-16-03 15:17
 -- (#3107020875)-- 
Negative feedback ratingPOOR PACKAGING!/Rec'd damaged - seller offrd $10 rfnd if I'd eat $20 in shippingBuyer:
2***2 ( 116Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
Dec-24-02 04:53
  • Reply by 1951long (Dec-24-02 09:30):
    Refund and insurance claim could only be processed if item was returned!
    • Follow-up by 2***2 (Dec-30-02 06:57):
      Claim was filed+denied-IMPROPER PACKAGING! seller refuses responsibility for S/H
 -- (#1769891550)-- 
Neutral feedback ratingFast shipping, deshonest discription and photo, would not deal with againC-----Buyer:
a***f ( 237Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
Oct-30-02 13:53
  • Reply by 1951long (Nov-02-02 06:45):
    Mistaken Comments by Buyer. Buyer NOW PLEASED WITH PUCHASE!!!
 -- (#1868468206)-- 
Neutral feedback ratingfast easy transaction, item not exactly as describedBuyer:
c***f ( 132Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
Jul-08-02 12:52
  • Reply by 1951long (Jul-08-02 15:05):
    Hard hat exactly as described. No liner was included nor mentioned in ad. Ask!
    • Follow-up by c***f (Jul-09-02 09:41):
      excellent means complete, seller does not like criticism, BEWARE,BEWARE
 -- (#1545975232)-- 
Neutral feedback ratingItem was received but was dissapointed in quality of part of items.Buyer:
b***k ( 106Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
Mar-28-02 07:45
 -- (#1694086896)-- 
e***n ( 987Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999)
Feb-17-02 08:29
  • Reply by 1951long (Feb-26-02 03:51):
    His threats! His lies! Bought item "AS IS, WHERE IS", then complains.
 -- (#1696972243)-- 
Neutral feedback ratingDecent product, though not packaged sufficiently to survive shipping w/o damage.Buyer:
s***c ( 310Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
Dec-21-01 15:09
  • Reply by 1951long (Dec-22-01 02:00):
    Got FREE P&H, could have paid for double-boxed shipping, only box damaged. ?????
 -- (#1676818131)-- 
Negative feedback ratingRead his rules. All items sold as is, no refunds. He sent damaged worthless itemBuyer:
s***s ( 1773Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999)
Oct-12-01 00:58
  • Reply by 1951long (Oct-12-01 04:30):
    Picture of items in photograph with "damage" visible. Bought "As Is, Where Is".
 -- (#1009341696)-- 
Negative feedback ratingBEWARE! Deceptive description, ships incomplete items, refuses mediation/email.Buyer:
x***o ( 986Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999)
Jul-03-01 11:49
  • Reply by 1951long (Jul-03-01 15:09):
    Items EXACTLY as listed. He wishes it was more! I have agreed to mediation.
    • Follow-up by x***o (Jul-04-01 06:00):
      If you're selling PARTS ONLY, say so. The description was purposely MISLEADING.
 -- (#1608298931)-- 
Negative feedback ratingpaid for product and never received it, no proof of sending product Jun-23-01 19:36
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Buyer did NOT insure, also gave me two different addresses-CLAIMS HE DID NOT GET
Neutral feedback rating*Buyer Beware*Get & READ sellers standard rules* wish I had*will not buy again Jun-15-01 21:48
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Lot exactly as listed. She HOPED it was more & didn't ask, now blames ME!?!
Neutral feedback ratingI guess I should have asked the right questions. good packaging. Jun-03-01 04:06
Neutral feedback ratinglicense plate was cheap Cardboard-and doesnt leave feedback for buyers Apr-28-01 05:28
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Item EXACTLY as advertised. His payback for his failed blackmail attempt of me!
    • Follow-up by the-3rd-eye-(o) (Jan-01-01 00:00):
      Never said CARDBOARD plate.What blackmail?.Should 've posted a NEGATIVE -she did
Negative feedback ratingnot well packed and charged to much for shipping
No longer a registered user
Apr-19-01 08:42
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    P&H as advertised. He should have insured - now cries about damage !!!
Negative feedback ratingThe item was dirty and rusted. The battery cover was missing. Slow to mail Mar-21-01 13:21
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Was sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". SLOW payment & no item # resulted in slow shipment.
Negative feedback ratingmisrepresented item being sold; sold me novelty fotoballs not baseballs
No longer a registered user
Jul-16-00 10:07
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Item listed as baseballs which they were - variety of brands. baseball=baseball
    • Follow-up by 18298504@deleted (Jan-01-01 00:00):
      baseball=baseball NOT NOVELTY FOTOBALLS! use caution with this seller!!!!!
Negative feedback ratingLot was to be assorted and out of 50 packs, 45 were the same. No refund offered Jun-24-00 13:54
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Lot was 50 packs from 1990's(no promise of assortment) AND IT WAS EXACTLY THAT!
Negative feedback rating$40.00 s&h cost $9.71, item was JUNK!!! WORST SELLER YET! Write me for details! May-03-00 18:54
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Lot EXACTLY as described. P&H EXACTLY as listed. Buyer hoped for more!
    • Follow-up by glorydays-75 (Jan-01-01 00:00):
      JUNK! Seller already has 10 NEGATIVES & 13 NEUTRALS! AVOID THIS SELLER!!!!!!!!!
Neutral feedback ratingIt would have been nice of the seller to state the game was incomplete !
No longer a registered user
Apr-26-00 15:23
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Item was sold "As Is, Where Is".
Neutral feedback ratingAll I am after is a refund in exchange for the moldy cards back,it's not 2 late! Sep-25-99 05:49
Neutral feedback rating*BEWARE* SENT VERY MOLDY & DAMAGED DUE TO POOR PACKAGED ITEM #123568921 *BEWARE* Sep-24-99 12:47
Neutral feedback ratingMoved on to next highest bidder because I asked questions regarding his product Jul-29-99 20:44
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    AFTER bidder had won auction, ASKED MOOT questions, GOT INSULTING!!!
Neutral feedback ratingDamaged item. Filthy, marks all over item. Not in discription.TOO much postage
No longer a registered user
Jul-21-99 18:44
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Postage and Handling fee WAS in LISTING! ---Items were sold "AS IS, WHERE IS".
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Items sent - EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED.Buyer tried EXTORTION -this is his payback!
    • Follow-up by seemyaboutmepage (Jan-01-01 00:00):
      Here is the truth >
Negative feedback ratingGot alot of junk ! VERY misleading. Way over charged shipping costs. Apr-07-99 22:32
  • Reply by 1***o (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Lot exactly as described, S&H charge posted in original listing-WEIRDO!
Neutral feedback ratingItem was in used condition - should have been more honest in auction posting Jan-21-99 10:55
Neutral feedback ratingCharged $6.00 for shipping on an item which costed $1.60 Jan-16-99 12:52
Neutral feedback rating(Item #47230965) $10.00 charged for shipping of $3.74 postage in used box. Jan-10-99 14:55
Neutral feedback ratingItems as advertised, all fees listed up front(Buyer got $1000+ for < $50 total) Sep-07-98 05:47
Negative feedback ratingASS'T AUDIO TAPES?GOT120 SAME,PAID$30 POSTAGE.CHARGED$18 HANDLING.BEWARE Sep-06-98 11:25
Negative feedback ratingLeft neg feed back on me and lied never offered refund dishonest F -
No longer a registered user
Jul-21-98 08:30
Negative feedback ratingItems not as adv. refuses to send money back, be careful Dishonst F -
No longer a registered user
Jul-20-98 15:06
Negative feedback ratingHe may have a high rating, but he's a CROOK to me. He over-charges postage!!
No longer a registered user
Jul-19-98 17:18
Neutral feedback ratinggood merchandise....will NOT leave feedback though....tks... Jul-15-98 16:03
Neutral feedback rating$4 postage/handling seemed excessive when postage was $1.24 & item was only $.99 Apr-18-98 16:17
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