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Cached Feedback: Updated >Positive feedback ratingGreat buyer! Would love to do business with them again!Seller:
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Negative feedback ratingWINS A 25.00 CARD FOR 3.75 AND COMPLAINS GOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!Seller: More than 12 months
  • Reply by h***p (Mar-02-05 05:14):
    charged me 2.75 for postage -came in a reg envelope with a .37 stamp unprotected
Negative feedback ratingNever paid for item.Seller: More than 12 months
Negative feedback ratingCAUTION-read fdback 4 more negs; cards WAY off-center, tiny scan, cranky/rude 2 More than 12 months
  • Reply by h***p (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    I tried with this guy. Wanted cards at 1/2 cost-"The cards aren't 50/50"
Neutral feedback rating"mint" cond is 45/55 centering card was way below that and pic hid the flaw.
No longer a registered user
More than 12 months
  • Reply by h***p (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Scan was not intentional.Ad stated that card was off center. Pay Attention
Neutral feedback ratingNice example of an item I've never seen before--thanks for the chance to own it! More than 12 months
  • Reply by h***p (Jan-01-01 00:00):
Negative feedback ratingNever paid or answered my last several emails....Bad experience... More than 12 months
  • Reply by h***p (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Was away for a week
Negative feedback ratingI won a bid fairly and he sold the card to someone else. I would not trust him. More than 12 months
  • Reply by h***p (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Card was sent with an apology--Sorry
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