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Toolhaus owes much of its success - huge amounts of its success - to blogs and chatboards and the like, all around the world. Here's a collection of a few choice quotes - our thanks to all!
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24 Mar 2018 [ Mail from a long-time supporter ]

I'm so sorry to have to say goodbye to you..I hope that you are able to carry on in spite of the clowns in charge of rules at eBay.

It breaks my heart to leave eBay, PayPal, and Toolhaus...but truly, "The only winning move is not to play"

I don't feel safe selling on eBay anymore..The user agreement, has altered the selling environment so much that there is no protection for the seller at all.

I can't tell you how much we have depended on your site, over the years, to keep our sales safe on eBay..I would have quit 5 years ago if it were not for your website.

11 Nov 2016 Toolhaus was always a cancer on the platform and frequently used to justify block good buyers for no reason.
07 Nov 2015 [ "Toolhaus saved me from a bad buyer today" ]
Hoooleee crap! This user tosses out negs & neutrals like frisbees at a dog park. User went on my block list and I feel I dodged a bullet.
30 May 2015 Минус сервиса — совершенно жуткий дизайн. Ещё иногда доступ к eBay оказывается заблокирован, но эта проблема решается банальным ожиданием. Через полчаса-час всё снова работает.
[ Google's Russian translator says... ]
Less service - absolutely terrible design. More times access is blocked by eBay, but this problem is solved banal expectation. After half an hour everything is working again.
04 Feb 2015 [toolhaus link to seller]
oh yeah!! Here we go!! some classics there for sure :-P
28 May 2014 I think it runs out of the Netherlands (as Mr. Bent's name also indicates) but I've been wrong before.
06 Nov 2013 [ "Toolhaus can often create a skewed view." ]
I actually agree with that statement. Like when a buyer has left 13 negatives out of 3,000 fb left, it's really not that bad. The OP however, has left non-positives over 7% of the time and is now trying to leave another one. Doesn't matter that the last one was 5 years ago, it's still an ugly profile.
21 Oct 2013 [ Three redditors: A, B & C ]
[A] Why should we use toolhaus instead of just looking at the feedback on ebay?
   [B] It can sort just negative comments. See if the seller send out bad panels a lot.
     [C] You can sort out just negative on eBay as well.
       [B] Yes but going through 50 pages to find bad reviews that's a lot of work.
24 Mar 2013 ... lastly, toolhaus isn't everything, number are just numbers, if you base you decision to deal with someone based on toolhaus, well then, your missing out on a lot.
09 Jan 2013 Using toolhaus actually helped me get a neg removed. I was able to prove from the buyer's past FB left, plus replies from sellers, that he was a chronic partial-refund seeker who would leave negs when his demands weren't met. A rare time the powers-that-be sided with me!
03 Jun 2012 I live by toolhaus. LOL Not even kidding
25 Feb 2012 That guy even challenge my feedback against his! What nerve he got!
You decide:
[ Toolhaus links: His ID, My ID ]
22 Jan 2012 I'm a cynic and therefore don't trust anyone. I once pulled a Toolhaus history on my mother when she wanted to borrow a couple $$.........
20 Jan 2012 That is a very public site Brazil has linked to.
You can use that for any Ebay member to see what Fb they have.
Many sellers have it in the bookmarks so they can easily get to it, to help them see the buyers.
Buyers  use it so they can see what the sellers is really up to, if there is a situation like yours.
18 May 2011 Subject: Would you accept this toolhaus?
Response: I don't like her TH.
Follow-Up: That one has a bit of an iffy TH also
[ We seem to have become a ...noun? ]
25 Mar 2011 [...] I've informed eBay of the phone calls but I don't think there is much they will do if it is over the phone. I also shot a message to his mom on facebook letting her know what her son is up to and a link to his toolhaus page.
04 Dec 2010 [ "What are you concerned about?" ]
well many things come to mind mind after reading the toolhaus
21 Oct 2010 The only thing you did wrong is think a 98.9% was a good feedback rating. Everything else you did was fine. I agree research all sellers at Toolhaus before buying.
24 Sep 2010 [ Anyone here read Swedish? ]
De är faktiskt ganska roliga: [ link to Toolhaus Negs Left-by ]
02 Sep 2010 That's why I don't like toolhaus - too many viewers just see the red & gray donuts and don't look at the dates or the ratio of neut/neg to overall FB left. But I'm probably in the minority opinion of that site :^O
02 Aug 2010 When shopping on ebay, the first place I look at is These are very negative comments here, some accusing [deleted] of selling fake stones. Her comments toward the people leaving negative feedback is definitely not what I would call polite either.
10 Mar 2010 I will buy from sellers who have negs if they look unwarranted and left by newbies. Your seller is one that there is no way I would buy from. wow thats some bad FB.
13 Feb 2010 Wow thanks for that info and link this guy is a mess. and i bookmarked for future reference Thanks so much i wish i had known that site long time ago lol
14 Nov 2009 Dang! I LOVE Toolhaus! :^O
[ Response: "Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!" ]
22 Sep 2009 Wow [...], I couldn't agree more! That link sums it all up! I wasn't aware it was possible to look at all the negs and neutrals like that. For all my years of ebaying, I am always learning more.
24 Aug 2009 [...] some should learn the wisdom of humility. it doesn't matter how many positives you have, it is how you deal with the negatives.
02 Aug 2009 Unfortunately, I did not do my research on this seller prior to purchasing [...] I looked at toolhaus after realizing I won. After looking at toolhaus, I figured I would put it on my credit card just in case there was a problem. [story omitted]
In hindsight, this all could have been avoided if I had done my due diligence up front ...
18 Jun 2009 perspective is why i want to see what they got the negatives for. for example, once a long time ago, i ordered some ram from a user who had 99% positive feedback. the ram did not work. i looked back at feedback, sifted to the negatives, and saw that they were all for the same item i ordered.
11 Apr 2009 [ toolhaus link ]
I don't use it often but it is useful for some. FB doesn't bother me too much, getting used to negs now :-|
04 Jan 2009 Too bad that so many either don't use Toolhaus or are unaware of it. Everyone knows that a person could have a few less than perfect transactions.....but when you make a career out of them...OMG
14 Dec 2008 I post those toolhaus links because toolhaus is an excellent tool for users to see the long-term negatives of eBay traders, which certainly informs my buying -- based on this info, for example, I'd trade with Dennis with confidence, but probably avoid any bids on, and cancel any bids from, that other guy [name withheld], even though he hasn't got any negs recently.
23 Nov 2008 Good warning! She's scammed some of the 'big guns'! Definitely NOT smart! Bless [sic]
19 Sep 2008 [ Anyone here read Chinese? ]
注意看一下feedback, 尤其那些中平差评是什么原因就可以了
顺便推荐这个网站, 看fd很方便
[ Negs tool ]
13 Sep 2008 [ Anyone here read Greek? ]
για να βλέπετε ΜΟΝΟ τα αρνητικά του κάθε πωλητή(και ας είναι και παλιά) πατάτε στο παρακάτω link:
22 Aug 2008 Thanks for the [link to], I will be using it often. Much faster than scrolling tru all the pages of feedback. It is great.
25 Jul 2008 [ Anyone here read Spanish? ]
os consejo bien analisar antes de juzgor yo digo que era un vendedor que votaba negativo a compradores honrados y despues pedia la retirada mutua de voto para arreglar su perfil y ahora ya no puede hacerlo esta recogiendo lo que a sembrado !!!!!!!!!!!!
29 Jul 2008 when buying stuff on ebay, that site is used to the utmost by me; I don't have the nerve to wade through all the positives page by page to pick out the negs, especially when it's one of these power/schwarzenegger/platinum sellers that have feedback without end.
10 Jul 2008 OK - looked her up on toolhaus & you're right. Definitly wouldn't buy from her if I read that first. Not because of her % but the unprofessional behavior exhibited in her feedback & responses. Yikes!
21 May 2008 Now I know why Toolhaus has had that thing right at the top saying 'see this seller's 30 days negs' for a while now.
19 May 2008 [ re. False Positives ]
Would be nice if it works. Betcha eBay makes 'em take it down, though.
11 Apr 2008 When you have to check an Ebay seller don't forget to use and take a look at Ratings mutually withdrawn cause many seller have good percentage but it not reflect the truth.
03 Feb 2008 Is the only way to use Toolhaus now to pay a $10 monthly fee or cand you make, has anyone made a single donation and use it for the year, a month? six months? The site doesn't really state that clearly....any help?
[ Toolhaus is free. Donations are welcomed, but not required. ]
29 Jan 2008 Yep, [bcheck] tells you who is NARU, and then gives you a list of all the valid ids to copy and paste back into your BBL. Its pretty slick :)

I cleaned out 59 of mine that way.
06 Jan 2008 if you ever purchase items from power sellers you may notice that they have 100's of negative feedback but it's impossible to back track and read it easily
I think it's about time eBay was weeded and I urge you to spread this link wide and far explaining to everyone why it is important
03 Jan 2008 [ Anyone here read Latvian? ]
[ toolhaus link ]
Daži negatīvie feedback šim pārdevējām, pārsvarā par šito brīnumu
12 Dec 2007 That toolhaus thing is cool I'm going to investigate that. I have always wanted to read the negs people leave/receive before bidding on their items but never knew there was a way.
11 Dec 2007 [ Anyone here read Hebrew? ]
ורואים את כל RECIEVED BY מכניסים את השם של המוכר, לוחצים על
הפידבקים השליליים שלו בצורה מסודרת בלי לחפש בכל הדפים
[ ]
25 Dec 2007 Wow, if you use toolhaus and read the negs they give all I can add despite not wanting to hear it is "what did you expect"?
29 Nov 2007 [ Anyone here read Hungarian? ]
Ebbe az oldalba beírod a nickjét, majd received by gomb. Negatív néző [ ]
24 Nov 2007 Can someone explain toolhaus to me? Is this something you can use to look at just negative feedback? I have often wondered if there was a way to do that rather than wading through all the feedback left for someone. Any help with toolhaus is appreciated.
14 Nov 2007 [ Response to Toolhaus link, which "often gives much more info than the Ebay visible feedback." ]
The internet never ceases to amaze me.
06 Sep 2007 [ Anyone here read French? ]
je viens de trouver un site et comme d'habitude je partage avec tous les futur membres du classement forbes qui sont inscrit ici :-)
donc il suffit d'aller sur le lien que je viens d'ajouter de taper le pseudo et clické sur received by et vous n'aurez que les aval negative de l'ebayeur
26 Aug 2007 [ Anyone here read Russian? ]
Всегда нужно отзывы проверять. Хороший линк: Там вам все негативные и нейтралиьные отзывы покажут за всё время.
13 Aug 2007 It's not just the number of negs Toolhaus shows. I also want to know the type of negs a seller leaves. Is the seller a name caller?, scream in all caps? Or is the seller factual and professional.
When it comes to high volume sellers - having that information can be just as valuable as knowing the number of negs received.
17 Jul 2007 One last thing. I just went through the website you offered as a tool. Is that available to anyone? Or is it Pay per View? It is Great! You are right I would not have bought from him...
13 Jun 2007 As a seller, I don't feel uncomfortable giving out this info, since I've gotten negs from two people in 9.5 years on e.bay, both over lost uninsured shipments that bidders expected me to "eat"
19 May 2007 whoa that is an awesome website!!! if that is all i get from this post it is worth it, lol. thanks :)
19 Apr 2007 [ Anyone here read Portuguese? ]
Vejam o feedback deles, esta ferramenta é boa para ver o feedback negativo do people
06 Apr 2007 I'd prefer that people not come to rely on sites like toolhaus. They won't always be around, but good common sensse and a little research will always be there.
07 Mar 2007 Boy you got that right- ebay's bleeding heart liberal feedback tools do about the minimum possible to protect buyers from such situations. But toolhaus on the other hand gets right to the truth- like Bill Oreilly.
07 Mar 2007 [ Responding to a post containing a link to Toolhaus ]
you must have gotten an especially good comfort whopper. in all the years, that's the only decent and legiimate link you've ever posted.
01 Mar 2007 That! Whatta handy little thing that is! I wish I'd seen it before I ever bid on anything.
The seller I dealt with has SUCH an EXTENSIVE list of neutral and negative listings! I'm quite certain that I'd never have bid had I known.
13 Feb 2007 I was just thinking that something like this would be great after going through page after page on a seller before bidding, and here it is.
26 Jan 2007 [ "Do you think it'll work with Feedback 2.0?" ]
It's hard to tell, but the general principle that eBay uses, similar to the long-standing successful policy of Microsoft, is to actively work to screw up any activity by an outside entity.
16 Jan 2007 Why am I not able to look at/search someone's negatives in a better way than sifting through slow searches to display the 10 neg out of 3000 transactions on someone ??????
I really don't need to see the the 98% a+ smiley face emoticon accolades, I want to know what went wrong or if I am looking at some pathalogical nutjob... This seems like an obvious improvement on the FB system that could be easily implemented.
11 Jan 2007 I've known about that toolhaus thing for a a good while now, and might have used it twice.
I don't think I'd even bother to tell anyone else about it. I did just fine without it for years, just like most everyone else here has. It's a cool toy, but that's about it. I don't need it, and I'd rather not come to rely on it.
28 Dec 2006 I've seen some profiles where you would need that tool to find the positives.
26 Dec 2006 [ Anyone here read Finnish? ]
eBayn linkki, josta voi tarkistaa negatiiviset palautteet
Hei, tarkoitatkohan tätä:
21 Sep 2006 [ Anyone here read Italian? ]
Quante volte avreste voluto vedere tutti i feedback negativi di un venditore in una sola scvhermata senza andarli a cercare? la soluzione ? qui: [ ]
20 Sep 2006 I use Toolhaus too, if I have some doubts. I want to see what the neutrals say and if there is a pattern with a seller (or buyer) that I should be aware of before I make my decisions. I don't think it is digging up dirt. I use whatever tools are available to help with the anonymity of the internet.
22 Jun 2006 a very useful tool. ebay should give that to every bidder. instead they act like it does not exist, since afterall, even the worst sellers generate income for ebay.
02 Feb 2006 [ "Is there a way to just view the negative feedback comments?" ]
The answer to your question is "NO".
The answer to your question should be "NO".
Hopefully, the answer to your question will always be "NO".
28 Dec 2005 Oh, in the name of all that is holy......that is the coolest and most helpful website in the world......I am totally speechless.....
18 Oct 2005 I gotta agree -- sometimes it really IS important to check out those negs. Of COURSE you take them into consideration along with the multitude (hopefully) of positives, but when you want to see what the negs were for, it's useful to have that tool to do so.
03 Jul 2005 [ Heavily edited - sorry! ]
However, my concern, if eBay makes it so easily available, is the number of people who would misuse it. When I go to toolhaus, I've notice how easy it is to get caught up in all those neg's and neutrals, [...]
This makes me think that people would just start using it all the time, getting overwhelmed by seeing nothing but neg's, and be too influenced by it, without really thinking about its useful purpose. [...]
As for the comments about "if you have to wade through that many pos's to get to the neg's".... well, when someone has 1000's of fb's, then it can take a lot of wading even with a score of like 98%. In fact, that's just the kind of situation that might send me to toolhaus.
27 Apr 2005 I have to agree with the others on the feedback left. ONE screaming, all caps feedback left can make me decide to look elsewhere for something I want. It tells me that if I have a problem they will probably be a PITA!
?? Apr 2005 That site is digusting, what is it, lets find the bad side of sellers and exploit it. I put mine in and it made the shop look like the worst site in the world when it hasn`t had any bad feedback for over a year and even then it was the usual childish non paying bidder dummy spats.
28 Feb 2005 I hate that toolhaus thing. Lame.
08 Jan 2005 [...] eBay's feedback percentage does not consider neutral feedback. The feedback search tool enables one to find these neutral comments (or negative comments hidden as neutrals) that the eBay feedback percentage hides.
The feedback search tool is far superior to what eBay offers.
30 Sep 2004 [ re. the Mutual tool ]
Awesome tools! Thanks for showing us this Mioka!
Toolhaus rockets!
15 Sep 2004 That site is HORRIBLE and a disservice to EBay users. I understand the intention but it is very dangerous and produce more harm than good.
12 Sep 2004 (Knowing the the owner of the site, the donation will go toward server costs and building his comic book collection.)
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